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House of Love - Ho Chi Minh City

A Plan of Hope

The House of Love HCMC is designed to meet the needs of the children and families in the slum communities of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).   We are creating programs and opportunities that meet both the immediate needs (food, clothing, shelter, education, future employment) and the eternal needs of these slum communities.


Please consider joining us by sponsoring one of the children in our House of Love HCMC program.   For only $33/month we are able to bring both immediate and eternal hope to these children and their families.



House of Love - Lagi

LOI has a team of 11 people who will be going to LOI's House of Love Children's Home, in Vietnam, November 22 - December 2.

One of the projects for the team is to distribute a months worth of food (rice, fish sauce, noodles, sugar, crackers, Bible) to over 300 disabled and elderly in the communities around the House of Love Children's Home.
Each packet costs $20 USD.
Our team is hoping to raise $6,000 USD by Friday, November 15.



Tien Nguyen
Birthday: 3/17/2004
Gender: Female
Location: Ho Chi Minh


Tam Tran
Birthday: 2/06/2006
Gender: Female
Location: Ho Chi Minh


Hien Nguyen
Birthday: 6/19/2005
Gender: Female
Location: Ho Chi Minh


Nghia Tran
Birthday: 1/23/2010
Gender: Male
Location: Ho Chi Minh